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Inayat Kashmiri
Inayat Kashmiri

Kashmiri is the mother tongue of the people living in Jammu & Kashmir. Mother tongue is the language which a child learns in his mother’s lap. It is the language that a child learns almost without any conscious efforts on his part. It is a language which a child acquires while living in his own social group; infact, of all the languages the mother language is most easy to learn. Full proficiency or mastery can only be achieved in one’s own mother tongue. It is said that losing one’s mother tongue is like losing one’s soul and identity. So, our mother tongue, Kashmiri plays a tremendously useful role in the field of education as well as protect our soul and identity. Therefore, it must be given important and prominent place in the college curriculum. We should also feel proud while speaking our sweet and graceful language.

About Department:

The Kashmiri department of the college offers the facility of undergraduate teaching of the Kashmiri language, Phonology and Literature. Kashmiri is the mother tongue of most of the population of Jammu, Kashmir and Muzaffar Abad. It is mostly spoken in the valley of Kashmir and also in some areas outside the valley like Pakistan Administered Kashmir, Ramban, Banihal, Kishtawar, Doda etc. It is a language from Dardic sub-group of the Indo-European language family. The language is close to other Dardic languages spoken in Gilgit (Baltistan) and Northern region of Kargil. But it is the only one of the Dardic languages that has a literature.

The language is one of the 22 scheduled languages of India and is a part of VIII schedule in the constitution of Jammu & Kashmir. Since November 2008 the Kashmiri language has been made a compulsory subject at secondary school level of Valley. As far as the semantics of kashmiri language is concerned it has close relationship with Sanskrit, Persian and Urdu languages. But when we talk of about the structure of this language, it is a V2 language (S.V.O.) like other Dardic and European languages. Students at the time of admission can opt Kashmiri as compulsory subject for 1st and 2nd semester and as core a subject for all the six semesters. The students of English Honors can also opt Kashmiri Literature as one of the subjects.

SNO Name of Faculty Desigination Specilization Qualification Experience Cell no & email Publications View Profile
1 Mr. Inayat Ullah Dar
( H.O.D. )
Assistant Professor Poetry, Short Stories and Criticism M.A.( Kashmiri ), M.Phil. NET, JRF 8 years 9796371953
Nil link of profile
2 Dr. Masarat Assistant Professor Drama Art, Short stories, Novel and poetry M.A, M.Phil and Ph.D in Kashmiri. 6 years 9469317229 Nil link of profile


  • The Central library
  • Internet lab
  • newspapers, college magazines etc
  • College library has 1606 books on Kashmiri literature, Kashmir history and Kashmiri phonology and grammar


The faculty members apart from taking classes are involved in publishing of the college magazine “Pomposh”. The department also organizes seminars and debates on different current topics.


Translation exercises from Urdu, Kashmiri and Hindi to Punjabi and from Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi to Kashmiri. Kashmiri Mushayirah and literary programs. The department organizes frequent visits to the college library and internet lab of the college. Extra classes are given to the average students, below average students and the students from far flung areas. Students of the subject always participate in cultural programs and cultural shows in the college functions.

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