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Prof. Ravina Hassan

Dear students
Welcome to the undergraduate Department of Physics.Your imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions—Einstein. Here in this department we believe in guiding students towards positive thinking, true power of thinking and creative practices. With passion in your heart make the fight “even if tough” go ahead and tell the world, “I too can”. Success is that feeling of deep satisfaction that starts in your soul and radiates through your being.
Wishing you best of luck

HOD – Physics

About Department:

The department of Physics, one of the oldest and most prestigious centers of Govt. College for Women was founded in 1960. This department has produced thousands of students /alumni who came to occupy the important positions in the diverse fields of human activity. Department has produced great teachers and academicians, who proved their worth in different spheres of society.
Earlier there were teachers, who contributed valuable services in this department. However, the staff strength till date has reduced to three. Out of the total sanctioned staff strength only three teachers are available on permanent basis. In addition to the teaching staff we have one laboratory Assistant and two Lab. bearers in the department.
Our department has one staff room and three laboratories .The present enrollment of the students in Physics is about 500 Despite the limited accommodation and other resources, department does not lag in any way in the academic activities like conduct of tests, conduct of subject tours etc. Our students are bright enough as for as the understanding of physics subject is concerned and have proved their talent at all levels in the society. Hope this department will shine further in future.


1. The Department aims at acting as centre of physics education in keeping with the highest academic standards obtaining in the national /international level.
2. It aims at playing a pivotal role as a model and pace setter department in the area of Higher learning in the context of the valley.
3. It aims at being a powerful agency for human resources development through fostering the potentialities and talents of its students so that they are adequately equipped for playing socially and economically useful roles in the future society.
4. It is desires to make optimal use and integration of modern methods of teaching and learning.
5. The department seeks improvements in the following areas:
Development of laboratories for
 Solid State Physics practicals
 Dark room practicals
 Laser bean experiments
 Computer lab.
Improvement of Academic Facilities
 Expansion of Department Library
 Arranging Physics journals /magazines for the department
 Optional use of teaching aids.
Development of research activity in the department.

Teaching faculty
SNO Name of Faculty Desigination Specilization Qualification Experience Cell no & email Publications View Profile
1 Prof.Ravina Hassan
( H.O.D. )
Associate Professor N.A M.Sc ,B.Ed 30years NA
Nil View
2 Prof.Sameena Associate Professor N.A M.Sc,B.Ed 17 years N.A
Nil View
3 Dr.Rajou Kumar Pandita Associate Professor N.A M.sc,M.Phil, Ph.D 17 years N.A
Nil View
4 Prof.Qudsia Gani Assistant Professor N.A M.sc,M.Phil, Ph.D 4 years N.A
N.A View
Name Designation
Mrs.Mudasir Lab Bearer
Mr.Ajaz Ahmad Mistery
Mrs. Ruby Local Fund


List of Equipment available in different Labs of the Dept
• Bar, Pendulum ,Stop watches
• Katter’s pendulum
• Bifilar Suspension , venier Calipers, Screw Gauges ,meter Rods
• Physical balance ,Digital balance ,Slotted Weights
• Bar magnets , Compass needles
• Deflection and Vibrational Magnetometers, Sprit Levels
• Tangent Galvanometers
• Capillary tubes of different diameters, Raising tablets , Capillary tube holders , Traveling Microscopes
• ,Batteries of different range of Voltages ,Keys, Connecting wires galvanometers ,Voltmeter ,Ammeters {different Ranges}
• Resistance and Fractional Resistance Boxes
• Joules Apparatus
• Thermometers
• Bending Beam Apparatus
• Sonometers , Tunning forks ,Rubber Pacis
• Maxwell’s Needle Apparatus
• Barton Apparatus
• Searles Apparatus
• Interference Apparatus {To find Y}
• LC Transmission Apparatus
• LR and Rc Apparatus
• LCR Apparatus
• Cathode Ray oscilloscope
• Functional Generator
• Photo Voltaic Cell
• PN Junction Diode Apparatus
• J J Thomson Apparatus
• Power Supply Apparatus
• Energy Gap Apparatus
• Zener Diode Apparatus
• FET AND MOSFET Apparatus
• Hysterisis Loss Apparatus
• Transistor Apparatus
• Sodium Lamps ,Mercury Lamps, Halogen Lamps, Boosters
• Stefan’s apparatus
• Planck’s Constant apparatus
• Prism Diffraction Grating
• Spectrometers
• Fresnel Biprism
• Zemen Effect Apparatus
• Milliken’s Oil Drops Apparatus
• Michelson Interferometer Apparatus
• Over Head Projector
• Discharge Tubes { halogen , Helium, Neon,Oxygen}
• Induction Oils
• 1 KVA transformer
• Diesel Generator
• High Resolving Power Telescope
• Computer
• e/m by helical method
• Transistor double stage R-C coupled Amplifier
• Audio Frequency Generator
• Rectifier {half/full}
• Audio Frequency generator
• Viscosity of Liquid by Capillary tube
• Study of Power supply
• Standard Reading Telescope
• Viscosity {Rotating Cylinder type}
• Hysteresis Loss of a transformer by CRO
• Torsion Apparatus
• Study of Thermocouple
• Michelson Interferometer {PISCO}
• Brownian Motion
• Maxwell/L.C bridge
• Wein Bridge
• Platinium Resistance Thermometer
• Febry Perot Interferometer
• Traveling Microscope
• Melde’s Experiment
• Resistivity of Semiconductor by four Probe
• Hydrogen spectrum and Rydbergs Constant
• Carry Foster Bridge
• Platinum resistance Thermometer
• Cosine Square law
• Diffraction Grating
• Febry Perot Interferometer
• Searle’s Friction Cone Apparatus
• E/M By Thomson Method


Not avaliable.


1.An Extension lecture on Nano technology and applications was organized by the Department of Physics. The lecture was delivered by Prof.Mujasum Batoo,Associate Professor King Abdullah Institutefor nanotechnology King Saud University Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

2. The faculty members and students of B.Sc final year of the Department of Physics organized subject tour to Research lab Gulmarg on 13 th September 2017 .

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